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Devon Bittner

Welcome to Ketchikan Kayak Co., where nobody takes your fun more seriously.   -Owner Devon Bittner

Exceptional Tours - Land & Sea

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Since 2003 Ketchikan Kayak Co. has been operating high end, small group eco-tours on the Inside Passage.  In addition to our exceptional kayaking tours, in 2015 we are excited to expand to land based tours, with our new e-bike and hike tour.  

For both of these shore excursions we meet you right at your ship or hotel, and everything you need is provided.  Our tours are much smaller and more private than those sold on board cruise ships, and with only local Alaskan employees you'll find far more depth in your experience.

Our tours run at a slow pace, and we build in time to relax at our waterfront location after your tour.  Smoked salmon is provided and craft beers are available on site.  Your tour is a comprehensive experience and not just a single activity. 

Ketchikan Kayak Co.If you prefer your name to just a number, private conversation to large crowds, or a backyard cookout to fast food, then we have what you're looking for.  Take a look around our site, and please let us know what we can do for you.  We look forward to providing you a safe, timely, and memorable experience on your epic trip to Alaska!

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Ketchikan Kayak Company

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